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  • 防震气泡袋厂家教您易碎品如何包装呢? 2017/5 / 10Shockproof bubble bag manufacturers teach you how to pack fragile products?

    Shockproof bubble bag manufacturers teach you how to pack fragile products? Everyone often sends express delivery, and always has headaches for damaged goods. Longqi is fragile products such as glass products, porcelain, ceramics, etc. How can we better solve these problems? Let our professional shockproof bubble bag manufacturers answer them for you. Do you remember the bubbles you loved to pinch when you were a kid? This is the most common and widely recognized fragile packaging. It is also one of the best fragile packaging on the market. The ingredients of the bubble bag are mainly poly For ene, it is necessary to add a whitening agent and a suitable amount of opening agent during production. The production principle is composed of 99% air and 1% film, and air has good impact energy and anti ...

  • 浅谈气泡袋是如何防震的 2017/5 / 10Talk about how the bubble bag is shockproof

    Why is a bubble bag shockproof? With the rapid development of e-commerce, bubble bags are more and more popular and used by people. Do you know the material and shock-proof effect of bubble bags? Now online shopping is becoming more and more convenient, and online shopping has become a consumer habit. In order to protect the goods from being damaged during transportation, online merchants often use bubble bags as packing fillers. After consumers get the goods, these bubble bags used for filling often do not know how to deal with it. The public reacted to this and used it in online shopping. There are quite a few bubble films, bubble bags, filled foam, pearl cotton, packing boxes and foam boards for transportation packaging. To get the products inside, cut the packing bag, tape, and then open the bubble bag, then ...

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Focus on shock protection and focus on protecting your products!

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